How You Can Help


What We Need

Currently, what we need most is support with the medical expenses of a few kitties here at the sanctuary as well as food and supplies ($1,500/month). Below is our current list of needs. If you feel inspired, we would be so grateful for any support for the cats here at Cat Mama's Sanctuary.

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Shop Our Supply Store

Our Caregiver Supply Store is for homeless cat caregivers, fosters and cat parents that need treatments and supplies for the kitties they care for. Proceeds from our supply store help us care for the residents at Cat Mama's Sanctuary as well as those who still live on the streets. By purchasing products from our store you are helping us help more cats.



Vinnie is the most loving, affectionate kitty that we found on the streets in December, curled up in a ball with no shelter or place to keep him warm. We brought him to the sanctuary and gave him a permanent place to call home. He's an older guy, we're guessing him between 10-12 years old. Vinnie only has one canine and a lot of pretty bad teeth in his mouth, covered in plaque. He often times looks frustrated as he paws at  his mouth because it's so uncomfortable, so he needs a dental to help clean up that bothersom mouth. Cost for Vinnie's dental is $500. Any help would be much appreciated. 



Midnight is a beauty that came to us a few years ago from a hard life on the streets and very scared of humans. She is now best friends with many of the kitties here at the sanctuary, but her mouth is painful and causing her to not eat very much these days, and she's drooling as you can see in the photo, from mouth pain. Her jaw also makes a clicking sound, so she too is going to need dental surgery so she can live her best life without the pain of dental disease bringing her down. Her surgery will cost $500.