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How Your Support Makes a Difference

Every single cat in our sanctuary carries a tale of hope and transformation. Your one-time or recurring donation translates into countless tales of rejuvenation and happiness.

One-Time Donations

  • $25 provides food for a week for a hungry cat.

  • $75 sponsors a cat's medical check-up and vaccinations.

  • $150 supports the construction and maintenance of serene resting spaces and cozy hideaways, ensuring each cat has a personal space to relax and feel secure.

  • $500 helps fund emergency medical care for cats with more severe health issues.

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Monthly Recurring Donations

  • $40/month ensures a cat has a steady supply of food.

  • $90/month supports our "Enrichment and Well-being Program," offering toys, climbing structures, and activities to keep our residents mentally and physically active.

  • $200/month sponsors the complete care of a cat, from shelter and food to all medical needs and emergency care.

The Power of Recurring Donations

At Cat Mama's Sanctuary, every day brings its challenges, but also countless moments of joy and fulfillment. While one-time donations are instrumental in addressing immediate needs, it's the monthly recurring donations that lay the groundwork for our future, ensuring that we can continue our mission day in and day out.

  • Consistency is Key: Your monthly donation ensures consistent care for our feline residents. With your support, we can budget more efficiently, knowing that funds are available for essentials like food, medical care, and enrichment programs.

  • Magnified Impact: The beauty of a monthly contribution is in its accumulated effect. Over time, even modest amounts can sum up to make a monumental difference, creating a safe haven for our cats and allowing us to rescue more lives from the streets.

  • Building a Community: Becoming a monthly donor is akin to joining a family that believes in second chances and lifelong care. It's a community of compassionate souls who commit to making the world a kinder place, one cat at a time.

  • Your Benefits: As a monthly donor, you'll receive regular updates about our residents, exclusive insights into our operations, and the heartwarming stories of cats whose lives you've transformed.

In the grand tapestry of our sanctuary's story, each thread, each monthly donation, intertwines to create a safety net for cats in need. We invite you to be a part of this legacy of love and care.

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