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Help Old Man Turn a New Page at Cat Mama's Sanctuary 🐱💛

Updated: Sep 13

In the heart of our sanctuary, a feral feline named Old Man recently found his way to us, seeking food and shelter. But it's evident he's in desperate need of more than just a meal. His coat, severely matted, tells a tale of hardship from his life on the streets.

The transformation journey for Old Man won't be easy. Due to his feral nature, he will require sedation to safely address his matted fur. Once the daunting layers are shaved off, it'll unveil skin conditions and potential infections that have been lurking underneath, necessitating antibiotics and dedicated medical care.

However, it's not just about treating Old Man's physical ailments. It's about helping him rediscover trust, safety, and the comfort that comes with a forever home in our sanctuary. This brave cat has chosen to stay close to us, an intuitive cry for help that we cannot ignore. And while the streets have left their mark on him, at Cat Mama's Sanctuary, we believe that with care, love, and patience, Old Man can embark on a new journey filled with hope.

Raising the essential funds to provide all this care for Old Man is our current challenge. Every penny donated will contribute directly to:

  • Professional grooming and shaving, ensuring a fresh, comfortable start.

  • Necessary medical treatments, including antibiotics and other healing aids.

  • Continued support as he finds his place within the sanctuary, with regular health check-ups and nourishing meals.

Your support will not only transform Old Man's life but will also send a powerful message about the strength and kindness of our community. Together, we can rewrite the story of a cat that once roamed the streets with uncertainty, turning it into a tale of rescue, recovery, and rejuvenation.

Join us in our mission, and let's ensure that Old Man's next chapter is filled with the warmth, love, and care he so deeply deserves.

Update 1:

We finally maneged to trap Old Man. He avoided the normal trap 3 times! But thankfully good old drop trap came to the rescue. Doesn't look like he's ever been inside of a house before.

Update 2:

Got him scheduled with our favorite vet and off to our appointment.

Wow! His matting is worse than we could've imagined. His skin is so thin and he is so tiny, only 5lbs. Doc and his staff are going to clean him up and shave off all of this hair, neuter him, and give him fluid therapy as he is severely dehydrated, and give him antibiotic and steroid injections for his skin and also the ulcers that he has in his mouth. Good news is that his bloodwork came back as normal, aside from some elevated white blood cell count which is normal seeing the condition he is in. We were worried about that, as he is old and has lived a very long time on the streets.

Stay Tuned for More Updates!

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