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Miracle's Journey: A Story of Survival and Second Chances

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

At Cat Mama's Sanctuary, we are no strangers to the heartbreaking reality of rescuing homeless cats. Every day, we encounter feline friends in dire situations, but each rescue holds a unique story. Today, we'd like to introduce you to a special cat who has touched our hearts - Miracle, the cat who defied the odds.

Miracle's story begins with a plea for help that shook our community. November 29th, a message came in about a pregnant mama cat who had been tragically hit by a car, just two weeks away from delivering her babies. This heart-wrenching incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges we face in the world of animal rescue and why we tirelessly advocate for spaying/neutering, finding loving homes, and raising awareness about the plight of homeless animals.

A Glimpse into Miracle's Rescue

Warning: The images we are about to share may be graphic, but they are a testament to the harsh reality of rescue work. Viewer discretion is advised.

When Miracle arrived at our sanctuary, the extent of her injuries was truly shocking. Her femur protruded from her body, and her wound was infested with maggots. Tragically, she had lost all four of her unborn kittens. It was evident that her injuries were not fresh; she had been living with this excruciating pain for days, enduring unimaginable suffering.

Miracle needed urgent medical attention, and her situation was dire. The severity of her injury necessitated the amputation of her leg. However, there was a glimmer of hope - her overall health seemed stable, and her bloodwork appeared promising, despite slight anemia

A Second Chance at Life

We immediately sprang into action, taking Miracle to Christown Animal Hospital, where Dr. Powers provided critical care. With her wound cleaned and maggots removed, Miracle began her journey to recovery. However, the road ahead required a skilled surgeon to perform the amputation surgery.

In our moment of need, Dr. Sandhu, a true hero, was called upon. Despite it being his day off, he selflessly offered to perform the amputation surgery, giving Miracle a second chance at life. This crucial procedure cost $1,900, a significant financial burden for our sanctuary. However, Miracle's survival and her chance at a better life were worth every effort.

Miracle's journey touched the hearts of everyone involved. She wasn't just a cat; she was a young, sweet soul who had likely been abandoned by her owner. Despite her suffering, she displayed remarkable resilience and a gentle spirit. It was heart-wrenching to watch her gaze at her unborn babies, still lying lifeless on the table, unaware that they were gone.

How You Can Help Miracle

Miracle's story is one of survival, resilience, and the unwavering commitment of our rescue team. The total cost of her treatment, including her surgery, medications, and initial care, amounts to $3,400. We are grateful to share that we have received $1,800 in donations from our generous supporters.

However, there is still a funding gap of $1,600 that we need to bridge to cover the full cost of Miracle's treatment. Your support is vital to ensure that we can continue to provide her with the ongoing care and attention she needs to thrive.

Please consider making a donation today to support our ongoing mission to provide a safe haven for homeless cats and to help us meet the financial requirements of Miracle's treatment. Your contribution truly makes a world of difference, and we thank you for standing by us and these incredible feline survivors. Together, we can ensure that Miracle receives the care and compassion she needs to have a bright and pain-free future.

Here are ways you can contribute to Miracle's medical expenses and her journey to recovery:

  1. Donate Online: Visit our website and click on the donation link to make a contribution directly. Every dollar counts and brings us closer to covering Miracle's medical bills.

  2. Venmo, Cashapp or PayPal: You can also donate through Venmo, Cashapp or PayPal. Please include "Miracle" in the memo.

  3. In-Kind Donations: We welcome in-kind donations, such as pet supplies, food, or other essentials that can assist us in caring for Miracle and our other rescue cats. Contact us to coordinate drop-off or delivery.

Miracle's story is a poignant reminder of the importance of compassion and community in the world of animal rescue. Your support can make a world of difference in the life of this courageous feline, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring enough to help her in her time of need.

Together, we can ensure that Miracle's journey leads to a brighter, pain-free future, filled with love and compassion. Stay tuned for updates on her progress as she embarks on her path to recovery and a second chance at life.

UPDATE: Update about our pregnant mama cat that was hit by a car. We are happy to report that she is doing absolutely amazing. The surgery went as smooth as possible and she's the sweetest, most affectionate, loving cat after having endured such horrific circumstances. She's standing and getting around a little, has a great appetite and talks a lot! Huge thank you to all who have showed support and love throughout this process!

We believe she is still a kitten herself as she is smaller than both of our 8 month old kittens and her head/face is very tiny. She may be around 8-10 months. Unless she's just a very small cat.

Total medical expenses are included in the photos, and are as follows:

Bill 1: $637

Bill 2: $561.70

Bill 3: $1,900

Bill 4: $204

Total: $3,302

Total donations receieved from all of you <3:

Paypal: $1,340

Cashapp: $150

GoFundMe: $105

Venmo: $560

Called Vet Directly: $50

Total: $2,205

So there's still $1,097 that would help tremendously if anyone can still help towards her care. She will also need to be spayed and vaccinated once she is healed. She will stay here throughout this process and we will update her progress on our website ( and Facebook page (Cat Mama's Sanctuary).

We are so happy and grateful to see the community come together to help save this one little girl who had the odds placed before her yet stayed strong enough for days before she was found and even now her spirit has stayed so resilient and loving throughout it all. <3

Ways to still help:

Cashapp: $catmamassanctuary

Venmo: @catmamassanctuary



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