• Taking Care of Phoenix's Homeless Cat Population

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Our Mission

To care for the homeless cats in our communities while reducing overpopulation through our Spay, Neuter, Feed and Adopt Program.

Homeless Cats

Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR)

Emergency Medical Care

Food and Supplies

"Until one has loved and animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. "

- Anatole France

Monthly Goals

We set our goals high because it keeps us moving forward to reach them. Learn more about your donations to Cat Mama's Sanctuary.


Our goal each month is to spay and neuter at least 50 homeless cats in our city. That is 50 cats each month that can no longer have kittens, which add to the overpopulation issues we face. In one year, this will prevent around 2,500 kitten births while sterilizing 600 adult cats.


Most caregivers that feed and care for homeless cats do so from their own wallet. We offer food/supply assistance to caregivers who are fostering and feeding and may need a little extra support.



Many homeless cats are found with serious injuries and in bad health. Our Emergency Medical Fund offers financial assistance to caregivers who find injured, homeless cats that need medical treatment.​


Many homeless cats are completely lovable and would much rather live in a home with a family who loves them. We use social media to promote these adoptable cats to cat lovers in our communities to help them find the families they are looking for.​


Cat Mama's Sanctuary is home to 40 cats that were once homeless, in need of sanctuary. A percentage of monthly donations are used to help care for our residents by providing food, supplies, medical treatment, sanctuary care and maintenance.

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